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Follow your calling to Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, a vibrant community where dynamic learners and leaders from diverse Christian traditions are moved to connect with their calling, challenge their assumptions, and change the world as they become confidently equipped for Christian ministry and service.

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Melissa Wiginton

Three words that describe your faculty colleagues

scholarly, collegial, student-oriented



What is the mark of a successful Austin Seminary graduate?

Always seeking to grow in love, learning, and leadership

David Jensen

What's your favorite film?

I’m very partial to Richard Linklater movies: “Dazed and Confused” for the laughs and the music; “Boyhood” for its beautiful narration of a child growing up; and, “Before Sunrise” for the way it records an extended conversation between two people in my favorite city in the world: Vienna.

Margaret Aymer

What do you love about Austin?

I love how deeply this city tries to live in ways that care for the earth and its people. The city is far from perfect; we have much to learn about class and race disparity. But, the city has furthered initiatives for the good of the planet, and that heartens me.