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Follow your calling to Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, a vibrant community where dynamic learners and leaders from diverse Christian traditions are moved to connect with their calling, challenge their assumptions, and change the world as they become confidently equipped for Christian ministry and service.

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Flourish in who you are and who God is calling you to be.

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Featured Faculty

Jennifer Lord

How do you recharge?A good long walk. Preferably 500 miles on the Camino. But 5 miles around Ladybird Lake is my local treat.


Why did you choose your field?In junior high school I started collecting church bulletins and printed copies of the ministers’ sermons. Why? What we did on Sunday mornings seemed urgent and I wanted to know more.

Timothy Lincoln

Favorite book / film / music?It is inconceivable that The Princess Bride is not the best movie of all time. Music by Philip Glass has saved me from despair on more than one occasion.


How do you recharge?I keep my cell phone turned off ninety percent of the time. This is much cheaper than psychotherapy.

Paul Hooker

What would be your superpower?Finding the right metaphor.


What do you like about teaching at Austin Seminary?This is a place that encourages intellectual and spiritual adventuring, exploring the unknown and sampling the exotic, all the while remaining grounded in deep conversation with the tradition.