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CONNECT with your calling

CHALLENGE your assumptions

CHANGE systems and societies

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Follow your calling to Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, a vibrant community where dynamic learners and leaders from diverse Christian traditions are moved to connect with their calling, challenge their assumptions, and change the world as they become confidently equipped for Christian ministry and service.

Meet Our Community

Flourish in who you are and who God is calling you to be.

What’s New?

Featured Faculty

Donghyun Jeong

What do you like about teaching at Austin Seminary?

Austin Seminary is a “heuristic” place (from Gk. heuriskō), as students are exploring and deepening their calling, gifts, trust in God, and love for others. Engaging with the diverse student body and faculty/staff, I also continue to grow every day. I feel honored to contribute to this nurturing community through my teaching and service.

Rod Caruthers

Words to live by? 
You will never know how far you can go by staying where you are. (Unknown)


What would be your superpower? 
Invulnerability. Flight is a close second.


Ángel Gallardo

How do you recharge?
Playing soccer or tennis, painting with oil on canvas, and preparing craft cocktails for friends.



Until this moment, what have you managed to hide? 
A few tattoos.