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Follow your calling to Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, a vibrant community where dynamic learners and leaders from diverse Christian traditions are moved to connect with their calling, challenge their assumptions, and change the world as they become confidently equipped for Christian ministry and service.

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Flourish in who you are and who God is calling you to be.

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Featured Faculty

Eric Wall

What have you learned about yourself as a teacher during the Covid-19 crisis? In helping prepare online worship, I’ve learned some things about technology and how difficult it can be, at times, for an online meeting platform to be expressive and poetic; but I’ve also learned fresh things about paying attention to a given medium and allowing it to reveal what it’s capable of.

Bridgett Green

What have you learned while teaching during the Covid-19 crisis? In transitioning to digital learning, I have to transition my pedagogy to help students learn under highly stressful and chaotic conditions. 


What do you look forward to once we’re back on campus? Worship in Shelton Chapel is a sacred space, so I look forward to worshipping there with the Seminary community.

Phil Helsel

How do you recharge after a day full of online interaction? Playing Mario Bros. on the Nintendo Switch with my entire family (I tend to be Luigi).


What do you look forward to once we’re back on campus? Catching up on those invitations to conversation and engagement, sometimes lunches and coffees, that I postponed because I thought I was too busy.