Finding a Journal Article or Book Review (online or in Stitt Library)

Some journal articles and book reviews are available electronically through our library databases, others are available in print in the library. In this tutorial, we will show you how to find both!

Where to search

Here are some of the results for a keyword search in the ATLA Religion database on “political theology.”

The publication type for this item is Article and it has a link to the full text in PDF format.

The publication type for this item is Review and it also has a link to the full text in PDF format.

This result is a also a book review, but it is not available as full text online. You will need to find a print source.

The Source part of the citation gives us the name of the journal in which the article is found.

There is also a note that APTS Stitt Library owns this journal in print form.

Check the Online Catalog

  • It is good practice to check the Library Catalog on all sources of interest that aren’t available in full text.

  • Because not all of Stitt Library’s holdings are entered into the ATLA Religion database, we might have something even if there isn’t an “APTS Stitt Library owns” note in the record.

  • And remember: Sophi Search and the Journal Titles list may be able to help you find full text access to something that isn’t full text in ATLA.

To see if Stitt Library has the issue of the journal from your citation open the Joint Library online catalog at

Enter the title found under Source in the citation record as a title search in the Joint Library Catalog.

Both Austin Seminary and the Seminary of the Southwest have this journal

The record that comes up gives valuable information about what years and issues of the journal the Library has.

It also gives the call number in the stacks (a term for the shelves in the library) for the bound volumes of the journal. Use this number to locate the physical volume.

Back in the ATLA Religion Database, check the rest of the information given in the Source area of the citation:

Comparing the volume and date with the catalog record shows that the Library has the print volume you need. You can get it from the shelf and read or copy it.

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