Weaving Connections: How Amanda Cutler Weaved a Connection to Every Austin Seminary Alumnus

How did a project for Austin Seminary wind up in a magazine for weavers? Follow this thread …

A few years ago, the entire Austin Seminary community engaged in a season of discernment leading toward an updated long-range plan. This ultimately led us to adopt the theme “Weaving Promise and Practice into Ministry” for our current fund-raising initiative, which seeks, among other things, to modernize and expand the Stitt Library.

In May of 2012 as we were preparing for the Austin Seminary luncheon at GA, we thought of incorporating our new weaving theme into table gifts. We contacted weaver Amanda Cutler with the question, Would she be able to create 75 bookmarks in our “brand colors” in time for the luncheon? Before long we were dreaming bigger and we wondered, Could she make a bookmark for every single one of our alums? This seemed like the perfect way to introduce our alums to the library's proposed Distance Education Center, as envisioned in "Weaving Promise and Practice into Ministry."

 “I must have fallen over from the shock and possible hit my head,” says Amanda in the May/June 2014 issue of Hand Woven magazine, “because I actually agreed to do the project. I’m glad they had faith in me to deliver, because that was one of the best projects I have ever done. I’m also glad I started designing while the numbers were small so when they increased by 2600%, I was less overwhelmed.”

Even though the entire project stretched 60 feet on her loom (ok, 30 feet twice), Amanda tried to make every bookmark different “so each recipient could have one with a unique color and pattern.” She pushed her limits, using all the patterns she knew or could make up. “After a while, I almost felt like Bubba Blue from the movie Forrest Gump ‘going on and on’ about shrimp recipes, except that I was going on and on about threadings, treadlings, and tie-ups instead."

A school teacher, Amanda spent her whole summer vacation creating our bookmarks, but you can see the process in the 8-minute video she made about the experience, or check out the 15-second version in the upper right column.

Click here more information about Weaving Promise and Practice into Ministry, especially the Distance Education Center funded especially by Austin Seminary alumni.

You can follow Amanda Cutler's weaving journey on her blog

Below: Amanda Cutler displays her weaving progress with 150 images in a 15-second video.

Above: Amanda Cutler's bookmark project for Austin Seminary featured in Handwoven Magazine's May/June 2014 issue.