“See I am doing a new thing!  Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?“ Isa. 43:19

Learn about new models of ministry. Listen to tentmakers tell the twists and turns in the development of their own tentmaker ministries. Meet with ordained tentmakers who are accountants, bankers, institutional chaplains, therapists, and salespeople. Hear from institutional church leaders and educators. Be a part of helping to develop the future shape of ministry!

This Conference – sponsored by both the Presbyterian and Episcopal tentmaker** organizations and open to all – is designed for tentmakers and potential tentmakers as well as those individuals who are curious to learn about how the ordained ministry is evolving in the midst of a dynamically changing church. 

The tentmaker is an ordained individual who functions within the institutional church but is not serving the church on a full-time basis.  The tentmaker may or may not be compensated financially by the church, typically has part-time or full-time work elsewhere, and perceives ministry as taking place in both church and secular contexts.

 APT is the Association of Presbyterian Tentmakers. NASSAM (Episcopalian) is the National Association for the Self-Supporting Active Ministry.