In this era of innovation and creativity many of us struggle to think as creatively about our lives as our work.  How do we balance risk, rest, and listening? How do create culture while allowing space to be created and to learn from the margins? Social entrepreneurs, church planters, artisans—we all find ourselves driven to create solutions, to bring people together, and yet we also find ourselves burnt out, isolated and needing some of our own medicine.

This Thursday afternoon & Friday morning event is designed to help you think through your work in ways that more fully integrate with your deeper callings. The unforced rhythms of grace are a sort of creative process. Faith leaders and designers alike have to discern when its time to act or wait, to risk or rest, to speak or listen.

Be part of a nationwide conversation about integrating creativity and faith. Learn from author, Troy Bronsink, and Austin area creatives, about sustainable creative rhythms. As a pastor and retreat curator Troy draws upon his experience as an innercity community organizer, musician, small business owner, and 15+ years teaching groups at the intersection of faith and art.

Participants will leave with:

  1. A working knowledge of a design process that accounts for God’s risk
  2. A shared retreat experience of listening for God through our own lives
  3. Connections with local creatives that could lead to all manner of generous conspiracy