Leaders in ministry and faith-based work are caught in planning and sustaining programs and practices from sermons to recruiting volunteers to music to capital campaigns. At home, we are stretched from household care to vacation to budget to date night. Jesus teaches that work alongside Him is easy, perfectly fitted; it is an unforced grace rhythm. So why are so many of us driven, anxious or weary?

In this workshop, we will explore this question by considering the creative process as part of the life of God, soaked into the world and given for enlivening our spirits .

We engage the creative process in all of our life; though we often overlook that we are participating with a Creating God and with other creative people at each stage. God dreams, hover, risks, listens, reintegrates and rests. How can we do more of that?

God breathes life into every part of the material world—you, each member of the community, and every project are invitations to draw deeper into the creative-divine process.

You will leave this day with:

  • An experience of your own embodied learning and discernment
  • A working knowledge of how to bring more Spirit and less burnout to people who lead projects in your context
  • A way to use “Drawn In” with small groups in your church or wider community