Education Beyond the Walls: Writing in the Margins Preview

Education Beyond the Walls' Writing in the Margins Workshop, taking place on May 11-14, 2014, offers "scriptural" discipline as an alternative to spiritual disciplines. This class will deepen that scriptural practice as we share scriptures, stories, and scriptural disciplines for engaging our margins and drawing closer to God at the edge.

Lisa Nichols Hickman, the workshop's presenter, is a Presbyterian pastor and author of The Worshiping Life: Meditations on the Order of Worship; Writing in the Margins: Connecting to God on the Pages of Your Bible and the upcoming Mercy and Melons: Praying the Alphabet. Nichols Hickman offers a preview of what to expect at the workshop.

"Women’s lives have little margin.

The lives of women in ministry have even less.

This workshop will carve out a space just a bit wider than that inch on the page for women clergy to gather for group conversation, spiritual reflection, personal restoration, and some good southern Texas fun.

Each day will provide a gracious structure of time each morning for personal restoration (Long walk!  Sleep late!  Read great books! Sit and be….) followed by an afternoon of group conversation, reflection, and spiritual practice. Evenings will offer opportunities to enjoy Austin.

Drawing on the book, Writing in the Margins: Connecting to God on the Pages of Your Bible, we’ll do the following:

Sunday, we’ll look a the “golden ratio” of page design and consider how that ratio is present, or not, in our lives and leadership.  

Monday, we’ll explore the scriptural practice of sanctifying the edges of our field to bless the poor and oppressed and then consecrate our own edge for ministry.

Tuesday, will provide time for creative expression in the margins and in our ministry. We’ll look to margin writers whose practices on the page of scripture transformed into creative expression in their vocation.

Wednesday, we will create space to see where God is at work in the margins of our lives – and see the bridge between God’s word and our world in ministry.   

If you are a woman minister looking for an opportunity to breathe, reflect, gain perspective, write and connect with other women clergy this space is for you." 

You can register for the Writing in the Margins workshop here

Lisa Nichols Hickman
Writing in the Margins