4th Week

On the 4th week of each month, MFM encourages students to engage in activities that reduce spending and build resourceful financial stewardship.

  • Look out this year for 4th week activities from the Student Senate, such as lawn games and free or low-cost meals on campus.
  • Keep an eye out for 4th Week “Cents Sense” Scenarios, where students will compete to be the most creative, resourceful steward in a tricky hypothetical financial situation.
  • For instance, if you had $7 to celebrate your anniversary with your loved one, how would you make the most of that celebration and stay on budget? If you come up with the most creative, resourceful answer, we might just give you the $7 to make that dream come true.
  • Our MFM Workshops always fall on a 4th week as well, so mark every 4th week on your academic calendar to take advantage of the financially friendly community builders at the end of each month.
4th Week Events

4th Week Dates

Lookout for events during the below weeks:

  • Sept 21-25: 4th Week
  • Oct 26-31: 4th Week
  • Nov 16-19 (in place of 4th week): Watch out for the Hunger Games Marathon
  • Nov 19/20: Hunger Games release! Drafthouse outing (with payment and registration)
  • Feb 22-26: 4th Week
  • March 21-26: HOLY WEEK HELP! (also 4th Week)
  • April 25-30: 4th Week


For more information contact Sarah Kammerdiener  at sarah.kammerdiener@student.austinseminary.edu