How the program works

Each academic year, a group of 12 seminarians are selected to take part in a unique program in which personal, professional and theological exploration of finances is done in a shared community setting. This is our Ministers Facing Money (MFM) Cohort.

The MFM Cohort develops a theology of stewardship and learns how to put it into lifelong practice. Members explore how to help congregations with money management, not to mention how to first deal with personal stewardship.

MFM Cohort members begin as a community of learners and leave as leaders that know how to face money not with fear, but with faith.

Cohort Commitments Include:

  • 4 cohort meetings (2 hours each)
  • 3 Saturday retreats
  • Fiscally Fit workshop day
  • 6 “Lab Group” meetings scheduled to your convenience
  • 9 Financial Peace University meetings

*total of about 70 hours throughout 1 academic year