Altared Newbies
The Altared Newbies focus on the idea that God gave humans senses so that they may have an awareness of creation.  These four ministers are travelling together to unfamiliar locations in order to experience the unknown.  By means of their shared experiences, they will explore the spiritual geography of a particular time at a particular place that is vastly different from their usual mundane settings.  Their most profound travel experience is happening now, during this conference, as they are thousands of miles away, exploring Rome.  They will investigate how their occupational tasks as clergy are profoundly shaped through drawing on their own creative resources and their reactions to new experiences.
Colegas 2
The cohort group Colegas 2 is a bilingual group of eight ministers from Texas who aim to expand and enrich the life and doings of the church.  Colegas 2 will visit churches in the Rio Grande Valley and experience these areas’ growth first-hand.  The group also pushes for the creation and fortification of a pastoral community founded upon confidentiality and trust.  To attain this, Colegas 2 has allotted time for rest and recreation in order to strengthen their ministerial relationships.  The cohort group also strives to become familiar with and apply technological tools in order to further the growth of the church.
Cowbell Theologians
Eight ministers have joined forces to form a cohort group, the likes of which have never been seen.  They call themselves the Cowbell Theologians, and they yearn to harness the powers of theological nerddom to create a symbiosis between the spiritual and the intellectual aspects of the mind.  The Cowbell Theologians plan to meet four times a year—twice in person for three days per meeting, once online, and once in a recreational gathering at which family and friends will be invited, in order to sustain a balance between the theological and the interpersonal.
The Hildegreen group consists of six women who are interested in the aspects of leadership in the church by studying closely the work of Hildegard of Bingen, a leader in the 11th century church.  The Hildegreen group will meet in person seven times over a two-year period, with leadership being rotated between the members in order to practice flexibility, responsibility, and a balance between the professional and the personal.  The group will travel to Bingen, Germany in order to experience the actual setting that Hildegard was engrained in and practiced her leadership.
The Jam Team
Seven United Methodist clergy from North Dakota embarking on the development of personal fitness programs by undergoing annual physical exams, consulting with a nutritionist and joining a fitness facility.

They want to develop a healthier understanding of self care and create an intentional practice that will improve their health emotionally, physically, spiritually and intellectually. They will use A Wesleyan Spiritual Reader as their basic daily spiritual formation resource. Gathering once a month to discuss their readings and check in on their physical goals, they will also go on a quarterly retreat, utilizing a teaching fellow who will focus on a particular dimension of self-care.
Mission in Ministry Sisters
The Ministry in Missions Sisters are five women who desire to live the scriptures and walk among the people as Jesus did.  The group intends to establish good health practices and Sabbath-incorporating lifestyles in the areas in which they volunteer.  In order to accomplish these goals, the Ministry in Missions Sisters will meet face-to-face two to four times a year, and confer via phone and online prior to each of their volunteer activities.  The group aims to volunteer domestically at food banks, orphanages, and the like, and internationally in Brazil.
The Sankofa is a mythical bird that flies forward into the future while looking back with an egg in its beak symbolizing the past.  The word translates to “it is not taboo to go back and fetch what you forgot,” which is taken to heart by the Sankofa cohort.  The group wishes to look to, and work with, the future, feeling that the church is in a time of great change, whilst still holding fast to tradition.  A key goal of the Sankofa group is to meet with younger ministers in order to share teachings between the different ages of the church clergy.  Sankofa will travel to Bethlehem, Israel in order to see first-hand the church surviving and bearing witness in the changing culture.
Spirited Women
They are interested in understanding spiritual formation, living out spiritual renewal, and building relationships with one another for mutual support and encouragement.
In addition to their monthly on-line meetings to discuss readings on Eugene Peterson’s series on spiritual formation, these eight Presbyterian (U.S.A.) pastors will meet annually with Rev. Peterson near his home inLakeside, Montana.
Women Dancing
Seven ELCA clergywomen who have heard God's call to dance along and beyond life’s boundaries.  They plan to support and encourage one another as they explore their own boundaries, the boundaries of other people, of the community of faith, of the world and of the triune God in order to better lead the people of God with courage, passion and faith.  They will meet five times in addition to the two CPL conferences.  At each meeting they will focus on one of the boundaries they have identified, reading books they have selected to help focus each session.