Cretans Clearwater Revival
Seven Texan ministers in the Church of Christ plan to travel in the footsteps of Paul’s missionary journey through Greece as a way to deepen their friendships and broaden their understandings of ministry. These men will meet once a month and have an annual retreat. CCR looks forward to sharing what they learn with their local Ministerial Alliances.
Cross Cutters
This is a group of ministers all of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).  They are bound by ties of friendship, family, denomination and their desire to carve and create fine works of liturgical art that can be used by their congregations.   Under the direction and mentoring of woodworking masters, each minister will tailor a piece of wood, and share their creative process with the other members of the cohort.  These minister-craftsmen believe their endeavors to create pull them into a closer understanding of a creative God.  Sharing what they create with their congregations, invites those they serve to plumb the depths of a generative God.
Daughters of Divinity
Pastoral leaders must blend strength and resilience with the magnificent God-given exhilaration of their divine calls in order to travel well on the pastoral journey. The Daughters of Divinity is a group of six senior pastors and preachers, denominational leaders, spiritual writers of popular journals and leading pastoral experts in world missions, church administration and evangelism.

These gifted pastors, seeking replenishment to the joy of Christ’s call, will share a journey of spiritual formation to reignite their God-given passion for excellence in ministry. Their approach to renewal will include the experiences of expert theologians; an annual study of a theological resource; and a pilgrimage to biblically significant ancient lands for inquiry, reflection and rest. These ministers will listen for God while they travel to Turkey to visit places of the resurrected Jesus, Paul, Barnabas, Timothy and Silas and the seven churches of the Revelation. The Daughters of Divinity believe that, “Our God doesn’t call the perfect; God perfects those God calls. God equips them with everything good for doing God’s will.” Journeying and sharing together will foster these women as, “daughters of encouragement” to each other, just as Barnabas, true to his name, was “a son of encouragement” to the evangelist, Paul.
Hope Springs Eternal

If Henry David Thoreau wrote in Walden, “I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life”, one of our goals is to dive deeply into the Biblical texts and suck out the meaning for our life together.

Based on the experiences of some of our mentors in ministry, Hope Springs Eternal gathers “around the Word” on a regular basis. We do that by each of us preparing to lead conversations around Bible texts and then the others contributing freely as to their meaning for us today and for the people to whom we minister.  These discussions are intentional and can be intense; but they can also be whimsical and wacky as we pursue the rabbit down the hole.  More than anything, our conversations are meaningful.

We spend time in worship and prayer, bringing along our instruments and voices to praise a great and loving God, and sometimes dropping in on a local worship service or devotional experience.  We support one another with good talk, good advice, and good listening.  We have fun in our times of relaxation, the occasional bicycle ride, or round of golf.  But mostly we simply enjoy being with one another, reconnecting, and refreshing ourselves for the ministries before us.  And always looking forward to our next time together. 
New Wineskins
A group focusing on their twenty year journey from seminary to successful ministry.

The New Wineskins cohort is a group of six clergywomen serving in six states.  They serve in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and the United  Church of Christ.    They will explore the leadership qualities and skills that made their leadership in the church effective, and will try to identify qualities and sources of well-being that equip them for their next twenty years of ministry.  Dr. Stephanie Paulsell, author of the book Honoring The Body, and other leaders will work with the New Wineskins as they explore their pasts, ponder their futures, and write on the subject of  women's leadership and transformation.
Six Pack
Encouraging mutual support in an effort to affect their practices of ministry to better serve their multi-cultural renewing congregation. Six Presbyterian Church (USA) pastors who serve on the staff of an urban Oakland, California church look to build a “beloved community” among themselves. At monthly meetings and two retreats they will study non-violent spirituality, political activism, multi-cultural approaches to Biblical interpretation and non-traditional artistic expression.
Urban Pastoral Vision
Combining the study of contemporary church leadership theories and the leadership techniques of Fortune 500 companies.

The Urban Pastoral Vision cohort is a group of six urban pastors in Central Texas representing the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), the United Methodist, and independent Baptist traditions.  They hope to equip, educate, lead and challenge one another so that they may become more vibrant and visionary leaders of their congregations. This group will meet at least twice a month and work together during two retreats. They hope to present what they learn to at least 100 small and urban churches.
West Cornwall Group
Setting out to explore the roots of their Anglican tradition.

The West Cornwall cohort is comprised of five Episcopal priests living in five states. Prior to becoming a College of Pastoral Leaders cohort group, they met for years for annual retreat and monthly conference calls. As a cohort in the College of Pastoral Leaders, they will continue with this agenda as well as add two additional retreats each year. They hope time away from the "tyranny of the present" will add depth to their holy friendships. The West Cornwall cohort members will explore the roots of their Anglican tradition as they travel to Canturbury, England. Spiritual refreshment and reflection will take place in the Christ in the Desert Benedictine monastery in New Mexico. This group will write a collection of essays regarding their common experiences.