New Faculty Book Releases:

Professor Johnson publishes book on Christian spiritual life using the Book of Confessions; Professor Jensen releases book on theology of human sexuality

Westminster John Knox Press releases books by two Austin Seminary faculty members this month. Trust in God: The Christian Life and the Book of Confessions, written by David W. Johnson, assistant professor of church history and Christian spirituality, was released on March 5. God, Desire, and a Theology of Human Sexuality, written by David H. Jensen, professor in the Clarence N. and Betty Frierson Distinguished Chair of Reformed Theology, released March 19.

Trust in God examines the Christian spiritual life using the Book of Confessions of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) as a guide. Johnson demonstrates how the Book of Confessions can help us understand what it means to be Christian and how one goes about living a Christian life. He uses the rubrics of faith, love, and hope to ground understanding of spirituality and helps develop disciplines for our spiritual lives. Disciplines include listening and speaking, worship and Sabbath, giving and stewardship, patience and planning, and reconciling. This book also offers guidelines for engaging in Bible reading and prayer.

Johnson is the author of a number of articles, including "Making Theology Come Alive in the Parish," in the fall 1995 issue of Pro Ecclesia. He contributed entries on “Cassiodorus” and "Pelagius” in The Dictionary of Biblical Interpretation. He has also written book reviews, stories, essays, and poems. He is an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).

God, Desire, and a Theology of Human Sexuality examines human sexuality in light of Christian faith and doctrine. Jensen moves beyond the hot-button social debate about sexual orientation and sexual practices to look for healing. This book considers Scripture and sex; the connections between the triune, covenantal God and human sexuality; Christ’s incarnation and resurrection as affirming the beauty of flesh; eschatology and sexual identity; the ramifications of the Lord’s Supper for human sexuality, vocation, and Christian callings to marriage, celibacy, and singleness; and sexual ethics.

Jensen has written numerous books, including Parenting (Fortress Press, 2011), Living Hope: The Future and Christian Faith (Westminster John Knox Press, 2010), Responsive Labor: A Theology of Work (Westminster John Knox Press, 2006), and Graced Vulnerability: A Theology of Childhood (Pilgrim Press, 2005). Another book, forthcoming, is a theological commentary on First and Second Samuel (Westminster John Knox Press).

Allan Cole, academic dean at Austin Seminary, praised the work of both faculty members, saying, “Professors Jensen and Johnson have written books that will help us think more deeply, constructively, and faithfully about how a Christian life may be led today. They challenge us to greater authenticity, compassion, hope, and trust in God.”

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