Meet Timothy Blodgett, President of the Austin Seminary Association

Timothy Blodgett (MDiv’07) is one of Austin Seminary’s biggest advocates. Fueled by his love for the Seminary and the desire to strengthen the ties between alumni and the institution, Tim serves as the president of Austin Seminary Association (ASA) Board. He hopes the ASA will have an even more active role in the Austin Seminary community.

“We have 1,900 alumni spread across the country,” he said. “I would love for each one of them to feel a deep connection to a place that has meant so much to my life and hopefully to their lives, too. We have such a great sense of community at Austin Seminary, but once we leave this place we are often met with a feeling of isolation and disconnect. I am glad to know that there is a group striving to maintain the great connections of Austin Seminary beyond the walls.”

When Tim took the helm in January 2012, the ASA was in a time of transition. The bylaws had been completely rewritten with a new focus and purpose for the organization. Members of the board strive to “communicate, advocate, care, and connect” alumni back to the Seminary and each other. The ASA Board was divided into regional representation toward the goal of building a stronger network.

“I have used my term as president to help interpret and creatively envision how the ASA can live out our goal to ‘communicate, advocate, care, and connect’ to alumni and the rest of the Austin Seminary community,” he said.

Connecting Point ChurchTaking on a charge during a time of transition is a familiar situation for Tim. He serves in ministry as the pastor of Connecting Point Presbyterian Church, a new church development in Edmond, Oklahoma, launched in 2011 after the sale of and relocation of Greystone Presbyterian Church.

“I tell people that even though I am still technically in my first call that I feel like I have already had three calls,” he said. “I have been a small church pastor, a redevelopment pastor, and now a new church development pastor all for the same church. My call has always remained interesting and not at all what I would have expected when I left Austin Seminary.”

He adds, “Greystone was a small, dying congregation in Oklahoma City that entered into a period of transformation and changed so much that they discerned a call to minister in a new way in a new area. It has been wonderfully fulfilling and challenging to work with this congregation through this process. Presently, we are a worshipping community of young and old, lifelong members and new arrivals, all growing in faith together.”

Helping him through his ministry is a great network of pastors, many of whom are friends from seminary. “I live in a presbytery full of Austin Seminary alumni, so I get to meet with former classmates all of the time,” he said. Each Wednesday, he meets with a group of Austin Seminary alumni for coffee and to discuss the week’s lectionary. This is the type of community he hopes the ASA will be able to help promote for other alumni in their regions.

Tim will roll off as the president of the ASA Board during the 2013 MidWinters, after the annual ASA meeting. He will continue to serve a term as past president.

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