2012 Settles Lecture & Workshop | April 12-13

Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, author of New Monastic and The Wisdom of Stability and associate pastor of St. Johns Baptist Church in Durham, North Carolina, will be Austin Seminary’s 2012 Settles Lecturer on Thursday, April 12 at 7 p.m. in Shelton Chapel.

In his lecture and workshop the following morning, Jonathan will lead us through the importance of finding stability in our lives and work for the church, and he’ll note the ways mobility has both enhanced and compromised Christian missio. His lecture will focus on the importance of place and the practice of stability in today’s hyper-mobile world, and in a three-hour workshop on Friday, April 13, he will focus on concrete practices, including “manifestation of thoughts” and fixed-hour prayer.

The Settles Lecture on Thursday evening is free to the public, and will be followed by dessert and panel discussion. On Friday morning, Jonathan will lead a practical applications workshop from 9 a.m. to 12 noon. Registration for this workshop is $20 and includes lunch.

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Shortly before the United States began bombing Iraq in 2003, Jonathan and his wife, Leah, traveled there as members of a Christian Peacemaker Team determined to tell Iraqis that American Christians did not all support the war. Their experiences became the subject of To Baghdad and Beyond (Cascade Books: 2005), which describes the couple’s conversion to the “new monasticism.”

Jonathan is an associate minister at the historically black St. Johns Baptist Church, and is engaged in peacemaking and reconciliation efforts in Durham, North Carolina. The Rutba House, where Jonathan lives with his family and other friends, is a new monastic community that prays, eats, and lives together, welcoming neighbors and the homeless.


Jonathan directs the School for Conversion, a nonprofit organization that works to foster community and form people in the way of Jesus. From youth work on the streets of Walltown to adult education in North Carolina prisons to seminars in new monastic communities around the country, School for Conversion works to water the seeds of a new creation that is already being born.

Jonathan is also editor of the New Monastic Library Series (Cascade Books) and associate editor of the Resources for Reconciliation Series (InterVarsity Press).

An evangelical who connects with the broad Christian tradition and its monastic witnesses, Jonathan is a leader in the New Monasticism movement. He speaks often about emerging Christianity to churches and conferences across the denominational spectrum and has given lectures at dozens of universities. Writing as both a grassroots intellectual and popular theologian, Jonathan connects with a broad audience, engaging them personally on a wide spectrum of challenges facing the church today.