The Senior Class of 2011 is an extraordinary group of driven, creative, and passionate students that have distinguished themselves during their time at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary.  As a member of this class of seniors, I am deeply thankful that I can call them friends, colleagues, and fellow spiritual pilgrims. Our experiences while in seminary have been truly formational in our paths to the pastoral ministry, to chaplaincy, to social work, or to an array of other remarkable vocational endeavors that seek to serve the Kingdom of God in this world. 

We have studied abroad across the world: from the towering cathedrals of Germany to the tranquil Sea of Galilee in Israel and from the bustling inner city of Austin to the backcountry wilderness of Colorado.  In our classes we have sought in earnest to discern the heart of God, forged through late nights crafting the words of senior sermons, broken bread and dunked classmates in the Barton Springs waters of baptism, poured over ancient texts in search of an illuminating thread that wraps our ideas together, and learned how to love and advocate for those in need. 

We have worshipped together, eaten together, studied together, and embraced each other in times of great joy and terrible tragedy.  We have poured our love, time, and talents into the community of Austin Seminary and have had the privilege of welcoming new Middlers and Juniors into the family.  Oh, did I mention that we won our Polity Bowl trophy back this year, too?  So as our class prepares to don our black robes and accept our diplomas, we look back with fond memories and profound thanksgiving for the faculty, staff, and our fellow students that made up a community that is truly winsome and exemplary.

John Leedy, Student Body President

Baccaluareate Service & Celebration of the Lord's Supper

Saturday, May 21, 2011

University Presbyterian Church

Commencement Service

Sunday, May 22, 2011

University Presbyterian Church

Commencement Speaker:

The Rev. Paul T. Roberts, President-Dean, Johnson C. Smith Theological Seminary

Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary will recognize more than fifty graduates this May—men and women who have responded to God’s call to ministry. These graduates are prepared and ready to serve as solo pastors for small congregations, associate pastors for large congregations, in military and hospital chaplaincies, and in a variety of other forms of Christian service.

With your help, Austin Seminary graduates will continue to be educated and equipped to meet challenges and to bring hope to countless others through their years of service.

Please make a gift to honor the men and women graduating this year and to provide resources for those who will come after them. Resources like a nationally recognized faculty, an outstanding theological library, financial aid, on-campus housing, and everything that creates a transformational experience for Austin Seminary students. Your gift enables students to fulfill their potential as servant-leaders for the church.

—Theodore J. Wardlaw, President