About The Hispanic Ministries Network

What is the Hispanic Ministries Mission Network's Purpose?

The Hispanic Ministries Mission Network at Austin Seminary provides a center point for Hispanic pastors and church leaders to come together for mutual support, for ongoing learning and professional development, and for taking action to strengthen Hispanic congregations and leaders. The core purpose is to build up leaders for healthy congregations to serve the mission of the church in this geographic area.

Why join the Hispanic Ministries Mission Network?

Presbyterian Hispanic pastors are few in number. They work in congregations where people are dealing with complex issues of generational differences, language conflicts, growing pains or dying pains related to preservation of a cultural heritage. In addition, these pastors do the work that  pastors in majority-race congregations do every day. Emerging leaders in Hispanic congregations are often new members and new to the Reformed tradition; they show gifts and capacities for leadership but they need to learn theology, polity and leadership basics. Many Hispanic churches are growing and they require well-prepared leaders to reach out in mission to the communities around them.

This Network fills the needs of Hispanic pastors: to come together with Presbyterians who share their cultural heritage, to find mutual support, to continue to learn and grow, and to develop leadership among Hispanics in the Presbyterian church.